How to search for the number of cases of particular disease.

Go to our PPS Website at

Direct cursor to Council & Committees, then Council on Research & Publication and click on ICD10 Registry

Click on the link ICD Data Check - Newborn

If you know the ICD no. of the disease - place it on the field Diagnosis 1 - Diagnosis 7. If not applicable, leave it blank.

Select correct filter for the following: Mother's RTPCR Status, Baby's RTPCR Status, Respiratory Support, Type of Feeding On Discharge, Use of Donor Human Milk, Maturity,Term, Age, Weight/Gestational Age, LBW, KMC At Time Of Discharge, Presentation Upon Delivery, Manner of Delivery, Sex, Apgar Score, Highest Total Bilirubin, EINC, Outcome, Date (From and To), Chapter, Hospital, Gestational Age(Weeks), Weight(Grams), No. of Fetuses and Patient Birth Location.

Result page will show

If you don't know the ICD no. of the disease, you may click on Search for Disease and its ICD

You will be directed to the and type the name of the disease

The ICD number of the disease will be shown

You have to type the ICD no. in the correct field